How This Former Teacher Used the SOAR Framework to Grow Her Business at Home

Purpose Driven Mom Show

04-05-2023 • 28分

Today Cara is chatting with Kellie Thompson, who is a member of the Purpose Driven Mom Club. Kelly is a former teacher and in today's episode she shares how in her past three years of being a club member, she went from feeling frazzled and alone and having NO focus on her business to now feeling: ➡️ Really secure in what she's doing ➡️ She knows where she's going ➡️She's learned how to batch out and create time Kellie gives tips today on how to work from home with kids in different seasons. She talks about how she's used our habit-stacking method to help her kids become more independent. (How do I get my kids to, do something so I can work?)

She shares her tips today and how she went from feeling like she needed a super structured schedule to giving herself time freedom, which in turn actually has her doing more. If you have been enjoying these case studies where we're chatting with club members and you wanna join us, head over to a Purpose Driven Mom .com

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