The Six Percent Entrepreneur

Robin Copernicus

In a Clubhouse room the other night, angel investor and venture capitalist David Rose suggested that there are three types of entrepreneurs. Type 1: circumstantial entrepreneurs trying to survive and get themselves out of poverty Type 2: natural-born entrepreneurs Type 3: self-made entrepreneurs David goes on to mention that he only invests in Type 2s. He later revealed that Type 2s are hypomanic. A survey of college students revealed that six percent scored high on hypomanic traits. This is The Six Percent that change the world. The Six Percent evaluate risk in different ways. They have a ton of energy and channel that towards wildly grand ambitions. They often engage in risky behavior (such as living a rockstar life). These traits unfortunately have a dark side as well. Left unchecked, The Six Percent are more prone to depression if held back from achieving their personal mission. The Six Percent are in good company, however. The Six Percent are polymaths. Six Percenters include entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, Andrew Carnegie, and Kanye West. Six Percenters can have both spectacular failure and spectacular success. Are you a Six Percenter? Join me on my journey where I share what you'd want to learn as one of The Six Percent. Blog: Follow Me Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Visionaries Group: Clubhouse: @rbn -  Book a Call: read less