Episode 24: Main Ek Sadi Se Baithi Hoon

Mukhtasar Si Baat with Shailja

25-04-2022 • 35分

Reflections from the spiritual heart of Australia – Uluru…

Reflections on why the allure of finding the missing piece or our soulmate is so innate in and irresistible to us humans. Featuring Main Ek Sadi Se from Lekin, and words of Gulzar, Rumi and Plato.

Other songs featured - Main to kab se khadi is paar (Shailendra), Tumhe dekhti hoon to lagta hai aise (Naqsh Lyallpuri), Labon se choom lo (Gulzar), and Raabta (Amitabh Bhattacharya).

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The link to 'The Actual Algebra of Finding Your Soul Mate':