32. Bookclub

The Ghost Podcast

11-09-2022 • 1時間

Frequent guest Nicolas Bueno joins the show to discuss the patriarchy, feminism, Andrew Tate, the rise of lonely single men (of course) and books we discussed on Episode 19.

In this episode: Seeking Arrangements • How to have ho's • Who benefits the most from marriage • Are men more aggressive? • Alpha women • The definition of power • Men's insecurity • Women’s safety • Price of admission • Male role models • Why men don't like to talk about their feelings • Male validation • Genuine desire • Societal conditioning • Why men need to feel useful

You can find the books referenced on the Resources page on our website.

Please enjoy this TikTok: If Andrew Tate were female.

You can follow Nicolas on Instagram at @buenonobuenoo.

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