Business as a Vehicle for Social Good | Cheryl Herrick and Faheem Dyer

Bridging The Potential Podcast

30-07-2021 • 1時間 1分

How can a family-owned business be a model to positively impact humanity?

Cheryl Herrick -- co-founder of Global 1 Habitats LLC, founder of Ponytail Racing and Racing for Warriors, and innovative systems-thinking entrepreneur -- and Faheem Dyer, a young business man who shares her dream of and commitment to sustainability for individuals, businesses, and the environment had an incredible conversation about just that.

You will be inspired by the work that Global 1 Habitats LLC is doing to create affordable housing that meets the current demand, as well as the power of Impact Investing and how it serves humanity.

By the end of this podcast, you will have a powerful model of a change-maker’s process of clarifying their aim and integrating systems-thinking to improve value for the highest and best of all.

What if everyone realized that the highest good for all is possible?

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