Rocket Science to Real Estate | Chad Zdenek

Wonder Podcast: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Change the World

11-08-2023 • 57分

Over the past 25 years of his career, Chad has worn many hats. He has worked as an engineer for Boeing, hosted Inside Mighty Machines on National Geographic, and is the founder and CEO of CSQ Properties. Over the last seven years, Chad has built a multi-family and self-storage portfolio of over 85 million through his work in syndication and personal investing. Listen in as Chad shares his insight on real estate investing and how this former engineer entered the world of entrepreneurship.

Timestamped show notes
03:05 - Inside Mighty Machines
04:43 - Real estate and passive income
09:24 - Financial freedom and personal freedom
11:02 - The housing market
17:20 - Leavers and learners
19:35 - What is syndication?
26:11 - Entrepreneurship skills in real estate
32:15 - Honing communication skills
36:19 - Humility
40:10 - Athlete, family man, philanthropist
54:03 - Investing 101
55:15 - Take care of yourself

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