If you were starting over in Japan, what would you do? Catherine and Jayne explore opportunities for the future

Jandals in Japan

02-07-2023 • 31分

On this episode of Jandals in Japan, join the hosts of the show, Jayne and Catherine as they dive into the various opportunities for intergenerational collaboration between New Zealand and Japan. After more than a year of hosting this show and learning all the dos and don’ts from their experienced guests, Jayne and Catherine surprise each other with questions and answers they didn’t even know were coming!  Don't miss out on what's to come and continue following their journey! (They also talk about the common phenomena of what makes the news about Japan in overseas media, that doesn’t register as news in Japan.)

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The opportunities for future growth and collaboration between New Zealand and Japan
  • What Jandals in Japan hopes to achieve going forward after over a year of collecting stories
  • Catherine’s idea for what she would do if she were to start over in Japan with all her knowledge intact
  • Jayne’s idea for what she would do if she found herself back in New Zealand to give back to Japan after 20 years of “raising her as an adult”
  • The 2023 Japan New Zealand Business Council (JNZBC) conference theme of Intergenerational Action to be held in New Zealand in November


JNZBC: https://www.jnzbc.com/

Mike Harris Jandals episode: https://www.jandalsinjapan.com/episode/twenty-nine

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