Dealer Process Secrets

Philip J. Cheatham

Welcome to the Dealer Process Secrets Podcast! This show is for Salespeople, Finance Managers, Closers, Desk guys, GSMs, GM's and Dealership Owners who always want to be sharpening their skills and mindset. Learn from Philip Cheatham, author of Dealership Process Secrets and founder of Central Desking and Central Desking University. Inside each episode, Philip shares his biggest "a-ha moments" and secrets from sales to the GM chair with complete transparency. From tough lessons learned, to mindset, to pure Dealership Sales Process strategy, Philip pulls you into his world and shares his personal journey and secrets from working inside and then helping some of the TOP Performing Dealerships and Dealer Groups in the country grow their stores. What is it that makes the TOP successful Salespeople, Finance Managers, Closers, Desk guys, GSMs, GM's and Dealerships so different than the rest? They understand how to identify and make great decisions, and implement key processes, FAST... Thats my goal for Dealer Process Secrets. Inside each episode, you'll get actionable ideas, tips, and secrets that you can implement immediately into your auto sales career or dealership. Take a 30 minute ride with me, and I'll share with you how to increase your sales, gross and add positivity to the overall attitude and culture inside your store. Turning talking into doing. read less