#48 with Jamel Johnson

Cosmic Lion Radio

18-07-2016 • 1時間 17分

We are back with Jamel Johnson, comedian and former co-host of my previous podcast “Podcast Classics.” It’s a pleasure to have Jamel on the show and to dive back into the sea of tapes we have amassed since our last meeting. Did you know that podcasting is over 100 years old? Did you know that Jamel’s and my families have been podcasting together for most of those 100? Well it’s true, all of it. In this episode we found a tape of an old podcast classic. On that episode they found a tape of a classic podcast and on that episode they found a classic commercial. Since it’s “inception” podcasting has been in our blood. Jamel and I not only had a great time reminiscing about our family histories but we also learned something about the history of Washington/Baltimore sports. Pretty cool. Check it out.