Royal Air Force, Elephant in the Med-Tech Room, and LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program With Karandeep Singh Badwal

Life Sciences 360

08-02-2023 • 31分

Episode 001:  Harsh Thakkar  (@harshvthakkar)  interviews Karandeep Badwal (@karandeepbadwal), a MedTech expert, founder of QRA Medical, and host of the MedTech podcast.

Karandeep shares insights on how med-tech companies can keep up with regulatory changes, his time at Royal Air Force in his teenage years, and his experience with LinkedIn's Creator Accelerator program. In the end, he shares a piece of professional advice he ignored that saved him two years in his career.



* US FDA: De Novo Classification
* US FDA: Premarket Notification 510(k)
* RSNA- Radiology Event
* LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program
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Show Notes:

(1:21) - Royal Air Force

(4:28) - What medical device companies can do to keep up with regulatory changes?

(11:50 ) - Med-Tech content creation strategy  (Karandeep's answer will surprise you!)

(18:52) - LinkedIn Creator Accelerator program

(27:47)- An advice Karandeep ignored that saved him 2 years in his career


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