Episode 60: Ditch the Scale-Four Numbers That Matter More Than How Much You Weigh

Boost Your Metabolism After Age 30 Podcast

29-08-2023 • 48分

Are you weary of battling with the number on the scale?   What if your weight wasn't the definitive measure of your health?  In today's podcast we discuss four critical numbers that are a far better indicator of your health than what registers on the scale.

Listen up to learn:

  • the significance of maintaining consistent nutrition and exercise habits;
  • why your body composition is a bigger indicator of health than your scale weight;
  • what your waist circumference means about your health; and
  • why your maintenance calories are the MOST important data point if you are wanting to lose weight or shed some body fat.

The scale rarely tells the full story - join us to learn how you can shift your focus to more meaningful and informative health indicators.

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