Ep 20 - Meet the Couture Fitness Coaches! Interview With Coach Hilary - Learn Why She Waited An Entire YEAR To Lose The Baby Weight

Boost Your Metabolism After Age 30 Podcast

07-06-2022 • 37分

Meet Hilary - one of the Couture Fitness Coaches.  In this episode, Hilary explains how she spent five years on a hormone roller coaster undergoing IVF treatment to have her two daughters.  She also describes the approach she took to weight loss and getting back in shape after her last baby (now a one-year-old) was born.

Coach Hilary was Calories Up before Calories Up was cool - learn why she thinks "1200 Calories is so 1990" and how she fell in love with resistance training.  We also discuss her favorite things about being a nutrition and fitness coach and what she thinks the secrets to weight loss success are.

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