Military, Banks, and Nonprofits: Career Talk with Andia Dinesen, AFC®

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01-03-2022 • 26分

This week, we are joined by Andia Dinesen, Executive Vice President for Communications and Operations for the Association of Military Banks of America (AMBA). As a military spouse, Andia shares her journey to AFC® certification through the FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellowship Program. She touches on the importance of perseverance and offers great advice for AFCs interested in working on a military installation or for a bank or credit union. She also shares why having trusted partners in financial services is critical to our work as financial professionals.

As a bonus, Andia catches us up on the great resources that AMBA provides – from their Veterans Banking Benefits Program (VBBP), to their collaboration with AFCPE which provides free financial counseling to Veterans, to the financial preparedness kit available to servicemembers (MilDocs) – there are lots of great resources for you to better support the military and Veteran community.

Show Notes:
02:23 How she got started, and how she found the AFC®
04:44 The funny backstory behind her being a military spouse
06:21 Advice to all aspiring Military Spouse Fellows and applicants
08:07 Tips for those interested in working at a banker credit union
10:04 Who else hires AFCs?
15:46 How being an AFCPE member has furthered her career
20:09 All about MILDOCS
22:09 Andia's final 2 cents

Show Note Links:
Andia’s LinkedIn page
FINRA Foundation Military Spouse Fellowship Program
Veterans Benefits Banking Program
Pro Bono Financial Counseling:
For Veteransor forGeneral Public
AMBA - Association of Military Banks of America

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