125. ONE Question to Have, Hold, and Keep Success

ONE Question: Unapologetic Questions for Unapologetic Results

08-05-2023 • 33分

I think you and I can both agree fear of failure and rejection are both human and normal to have come up along the entrepreneurial journey.

What not as many people talk about is fear of success - fear of actually getting, having, and holding everything you want in business and life.

The fear of what comes along with the recurring revenue and six, multi-six, and seven-figure years…whether that’s more work, responsibility, visibility, or trolls hating on your posts or offers.

Fear of success is more common than you might think, and it can cause the same want to run and hide that might look like pretending you don’t care about making money, deciding to shut down programs that are going well, or avoiding showing up to share content and sell in the first place.

Join me in this week’s episode where we’re unpacking ONE Question to have, hold, and keep success.

We’re shining a light on:

  • this hush-hush fear and how keeping it in the dark can limit or sabotage your business and success.

  • the truth about making bigger paychecks that no one wants to tell you so you can run through this fear and open yourself up to more money.

  • ONE Question to help you get clear on what you actually need to effectively resource yourself for a six and seven-figure business and the visibility that comes along with it.

  • why traditional approaches to navigating fear of success (or failure) might be keeping you stuck creating your own self-imposed income ceilings or preventing you from reaching that one-time revenue high consistently.

  • what I want you to know about craving more and more success, and a permission slip (I bet it’s not what you think!) you can write yourself based on your unapologetic answer to this week’s ONE Question.

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