Episode 179: Q & A With Coop

Run a Profitable Gym

08-08-2019 • 38分

Episode 179: Q & A With Coop

In today's episode, we turn the tables as Two-Brain Client Success Manager Eden Watson takes the mic to interview Two-Brain Business founder Chris Cooper.

Eden presents Coop with a couple of the most common questions gym owners ask, and Chris shares some of his hard-won wisdom, earned over the course of more than 10 years of gym ownership.

Chris breaks down the four phases of entrepreneurship, shares some of his own practices for focusing his thoughts and energy, and reveals some of the challenges he's faced—and mistakes he's made—while building Two-Brain Business.







2:59 – Defining the four phases of entrepreneurship.

4:44 – Coop’s phase: It just might surprise you.

7:20 – Choosing which roles to take on and which to set the standard for others to fill.

9:35 – The challenge of leadership.

12:05 – To be a great leader, you need a great team.

14:35 – How does Chris produce so much content?

18:11 – Two tricks to staying focused: mentorship and meditation.

21:06 – The biggest problem in the fitness industry: lack of vision.

24:19 – To be successful, build your own platform instead of tearing others’ down.

30:19 – Do one thing at a time.

34:35 – In business as in fitness: Start with small wins.