Tackling Health Challenges Through Plant Centered Nutrition With Ashley Kitchens, RD, MPH

Nutrition Without Compromise

08-05-2023 • 44分

We are in a system that is sick-care based. But we need to be more than that in order to really address the root of our health challenges. Our guest in this episode found the connection between her struggles with lifelong GI issues and plant-based nutrition. Now, she is on her path to healing. Joining Corinna Bellizzi is Ashley Kitchens, RD, MPH, a nationally recognized plant-based registered dietitian and spokesperson. She founded her company, Plant Centered Nutrition, to help others transition to a plant-centered way of eating through a holistic approach and intuitive eating practices. In this conversation, she tells us her story of using plant-based eating to heal herself. Ashley also talks about the challenges women often face as they navigate the healthcare system. Follow along with Ashley and Corinna as they show the power of plants to not only heal you from health challenges but also keep you healthy.

Key takeaways from this episode:

·        What is plant-centered and how can it support your health journey

·        How to have the most effective nutrient-absorption

·        The challenges women face with healthcare

·        Healthcare versus sick care

·        Plant-based diet recommendations

Guest Social Links:

Website: https://plantcenterednutrition.us

Instagram: https://instagram.com/plantcenterednutrition

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashleykitchens/