FOREVER YOUNG: Ep 468 Algae-based Omega 3’s vs. traditional fish-based products.

Nutrition Without Compromise

28-09-2023 • 41分

Guest: Corinna Bellizzi, MBA is a natural products industry executive and omega-3 expert who successfully creates new

nutrition categories, pioneers brands, and develops educational strategies that disrupt markets. Given her concern for the future health of people and planet, Corinna shifted her omega-3 career from a focus on fish to algae in 2016. With a team of experts, she led the development of Orlo Nutrition, a new brand by VAXA Technologies, Inc.

As an avid podcaster, she started her second podcast, Nutrition Without Compromise, to lean into the simple truth that great nutrition and bountiful health are a human right.

Talking Points:

-Going to food is important but the source is of greater importance.

-Health of the Ocean/ Sourcing our food.

-The benefits of algae-based Omega 3’s over traditional fish-based products.

-Why testing is important and knowing your numbers may save your life.

-If we know that polar lipids are best absorbed, why don’t fish oil manufacturers

make polar lipid products?

-Can’t we get enough omega-3 from a plant-based diet?

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