The Importance of Straight Allies & Officiating a Lesbian Wedding

Gals, Gays & They's

30-09-2022 • 54分

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Hi dynamos and darlings! It’s me, Mariah. This week we get personal. As members of the LGBTQ+ community, both Anita and I know first hand how important straight allies are. We have both experienced losing people in our lives because of who we are & we want to use this platform to motivate all of you to be an ally in your life. We are joined by the ultimate ally, and amazing special guest, Laine Kelly Sims. Thank you for listening & we hope you enjoy!

As always we start off our show with setting an intention. This has become such a crucial part of the show. Not only does it set the stage, but we hope it helps all of you incorporate positive intentions in your life. For this week's Mega Minute, I decided to talk about what’s happening in Iran and how we can help. WARNING: Because of sanctions, it is illegal to fundraise for Iran, so be wary if you see places to donate. What Iranians need is solidarity, support and continuous conversations about what is happening in the Middle East. Let’s not let this story be brushed away by the next headline. SAY HER NAME, Mahsa Amini, and so many others are losing their lives in this fight. Share stories, videos and talk to your family and friends about what is happening in Iran. This is a very serious and upsetting topic, but we can’t let that stop us from doing the right thing.

This week's celebrity rewind is dedicated to one of our favorite allies, Cher!! As many of you know, Cher has always been an ally and supportive of the community. In 2010, JD interviewed the cast of Burlesque, including Cher & Stanley Tucci. Tune in to see exclusive footage of the two discussing the future of the country.

In our guest segment, Laine Kelly Sims, joins us to talk about what it means to be a Christian ally. Anita is super vocal about her relationship with Christianity, she is “spiritually loud and sexually proud!”. Anita and Laine met at New Abbey, a gay affirming church. They instantly bonded and when Laine shared some of her story, we knew she would be the perfect guest for a show like this. Laine tells her story, her relationship with the church & what it means to be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. When Laine officiated a lesbian wedding, her church reacted by demoting her volunteer position and wanted to separate her from the rest of the church. They didn’t want her to “influence” other church members. She realized a lot in this experience and changed her path to make it a priority to go to a church that is gay affirming and supportive of the LGBTQ+ community. This story is so important and we want everyone to know just how important allies like Laine are.

In our final block of the show, Anita explains her drag queen journey. Showing you exclusive (and funny) footage of her journey to drag! From the first time she did her own makeup, to the confidence she has now.

Thank you for joining us & welcome to the family!

Meet Laine Kelly Sims: