Las Vegas Drag, The Spice Girls & Nicole Kidman

Gals, Gays & They's

10-08-2022 • 56分

In this episode of Gals, Gays, & They’s, we have Anita Doll Darling, Mariah, and Special Guest, Rachel Anderson, for the season 2 premiere.

In the first block of today’s show, we’re going to talk about the NGLCC, the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, which was in Las Vegas this year. The NGLCC is the largest global not-for-profit advocacy organization dedicated to expanding economic opportunities and advancements for LGBT people, combining forces with women, minorities, vets, and allies. If you’re in one of those groups, or you want to get involved with someone who is, this is where you’ll find all the answers to your questions. Also, a quick shoutout to ConicoPhilips, Truist, Target, AMI, Northwestern Mutual, Amazon, Dell, Dow, Del Taco, Shell, Ernst & Young, and Hilton (without Paris).

For block two, we bring you our special guest for the episode, Rachel Anderson, Hair & Makeup Artist to The Stars! Today’s theme is luck, so Rachel is going for the look, and she tells us all about how she put it together. We also learn that Rachel can do everything if she’s paid enough, and she tells us about the time she shared a duplex with 30 other people.

In the third block, Anita talks about getting into journalism for film and we hear about the thousands of celebrity interviews, including getting shut down by Nicole Kidman. Since leaving the church which shall not be named, Nicole has no relationship with her two kids that she adopted with Tom Cruise. She has since gone on to marry Keith Urban and have two more kids. Tune in to hear about Anita’s experience doing an interview with the church, and so much more in this episode!

Anita Doll Darling would like to say a few words:

“Hellooo Dynamos & Darlings! It is me, Anita Doll Darling! Are you ready for Season 2? Well, grab your big girl panties and shimmy on over cause the wait is over!  The show is growing and evolving and we are SO excited to share all the amazing changes with you! Much like a pre-pubescent girl on the verge of womanhood, GGT Season 1 has grown up! Not unlike dear cousin JD’s time in college, GGT Season 1 was all about volume and experimentation, and boy did we ever succeed! Just take a look at these impressive stats that Mariah is going to write right here:

Total views: 5,000 Total videos made: 83 Hours watched: 732 Podcast episodes: 66

As I was saying, Season 1 was all about building a dope content library and and figuring out and refining our niche within the world of pro-queer content that informs, enlightens and entertains. Season 2 is all about applying what we have learned and delivering a superior show. We hope you like our show’s new faster format, regular guest segment and the fact that it’s now exclusively hosted by yours truly,  Anita Doll Darling!”


[02:39] We’re starting with a prayer.

[06:21] Mariah’s Europe trip in 3 words.

[07:05] The NGLCC.

[16:07] Here’s Rachel Anderson.

[18:42] What has Rachel been up to?

[21:28] The biggest misconception about Hair & Makeup Artists.

[23:26] The luck that brought Rachel to LA.

[30:15] Crazy things that went down.

[35:10] Anita’s celebrity interviews.

[42:47] Tea from the Spice Girls interview.

[46:03] Reacting to the Nicole Kidman interview.

[53:02] The Scientology interview.

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