How to Trust Yourself, Advice From Expert Life Coach

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01-09-2022 • 53分

In this episode, I speak to Mariah and our guest Kelly Abanda about their understanding of trust, dig into the reasons behind having trust issues, resolving trust issues, and what it means to be your own “star” in life. Now, why is this an essential conversation to have? Because we’re all social beings and need a community and people to trust in both our personal and professional spheres. Kelly reveals that, as a business owner running things by herself, the advice pouring in from a community that understood her job gave her a lot of encouragement and support to continue her journey. I also share my experience building self-trust and how it helped me nail celebrity interviews during my time as an interviewer, including one with Hollywood sensation Tom Cruise!

So, having trust issues doesn’t mean you must avoid all the people in the world. It just means finding the right people for yourself. You don’t have to have a hundred friends to call yourself free from trust issues; you just need a few people to open up to and those who can open up to you too.

In the last block of our conversation, I discuss the evolution of performance art and famous drag queens. Drag is my passion. I’ll break down my drag queen look for today, the inspiration behind it, and the opportunity to see one of my favorite drag queens perform just over this past weekend!

Important lessons from the episode:

● Self-trust is about trusting yourself enough to know you’re worthy, accepted, capable and can make the right decisions.

● Trusting yourself comes with practice. Have you noticed how your confidence increases manifold times when you’re thoroughly prepared for something?

● Everyone is a star – not just movie actors but people in any profession. Your definition of a star could vary based on your understanding of it.

● What are the most important things to do to find someone to trust?

1. Make sure you’re healed from old wounds or are on the path of healing. We often unknowingly carry a lot of baggage into the next phase of our lives and unintentionally end up distrusting many people for hardly any fault of theirs.

2. Listen to your intuition if it says something is off about someone. Trust your gut.

3. Check if the other person has had strong long-term relationships (either friendship or romance); if they haven’t, you might want to assess why it is so.

[00:00] Intro

[01:57] The theme of today’s show: TRUST

[03:44] Starting every episode with INTENTION

[05:03] Understanding trust and the reason behind our trust issues

[09:49] How it’s like to interview a celebrity (preparation! practice!)

[10:16] The experience interviewing and getting to know Tom Cruise

[15:13] Meet Kelly Abanda, life coach and our guest for today’s episode

[15:40] Why every one of us is a STAR

[17:41] Why Kelly decided to reroute and change the situation she was in to become a life coach

[20:38] Asking for help from the people you trust + the importance of community

[22:34] The most important things to look for when considering someone to trust

[25:19] Being your best self and developing yourself as the first step to finding someone to trust

[26:39] Questions to ask yourself before finding someone to trust

[29:36] How many trustworthy people can you have in your inner circle?

[32:42] Being a trustworthy person for others before seeking a trustworthy person for yourself

[34:22] What happens when you cannot trust your long-term friend anymore?

[38:04] Summary of TRUST LESSONS shared in this episode

[38:37] The third block of our conversation: DRAG QUEENS!

[48:15] The inspiration for today’s look