RPG- We're Back and So Is Bigfoot [Bigfoot]

All Things Spoopy

04-07-2022 • 48分

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than hunting for squatches?  We're back and bigger than ever with a redwood romp in Bigfoot!

Welcome to RPG: An After-Hours Poddy Drop, a new "after dark" series within All Things Spoopy! In this bonus series, Will and Sarah play scary video games in real time.  Lights out.  Volume up.  Hearts racing.  This is not for the faint of heart or ears, and there will be cusses.  Take heed!

DISCLAIMER- All Things Spoopy is a comedy podcast that focuses on the horror genre, which is rife with challlenging material.  This podcast is for the big kids!

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Original Art by: Lavender Chickadee Designs

Music: "I've Got Somebody" NICE GHOST