Branding Is Everything with Ruben Alvarez

Success Fundamentals

27-01-2022 • 45分

In this episode of the Success Fundamentals Podcast, Ruben Alvarez is joining Kris Sykes and Brian Goldsack. He is the founder of The Marketing Hunters and the host of the #INFORTHEKILL podcast that made it to the Top 5 Podcasts to listen to during COVID19.

Ruben shares the whole concept behind branding and what drove him to be a branding expert. He explains the idea that “the brand precedes the sale” and that gaining credibility is never original, it is simply borrowed from someone else's success. Ruben also shares how empowered he feels when he becomes comfortable doing what others are not willing to do for him to achieve his success.

Stay tuned to hear more about Ruben as he shares the different ways branding helps you and your business succeed.


  • Delivering an experience is now the focal point of branding
  • A powerful brand leverages the principles of attention
  • All credibility is borrowed
  • Follow in the right people's footsteps of success


Ruben: “We work with this person and we work with this person and we're delivering this experience of we're relevant and we're new and we're not going to let you feel like we're this old company that just basically is outdated and irrelevant.”

Ruben: “All credibility is borrowed from somebody else. We never create our own credibility ever. I have a YouTube channel in which I review products. I am borrowing the credibility of the people's product's name to grow my name."

Ruben: "That's all it is with branding is you just don't want to compete with people. Ever. Just find a way to never compete with someone."

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