Toxin-Free Living for Hashimoto's: Practical Steps and Benefits

Reversing Hashimoto's

12-10-2023 • 35分

Uncover the hidden connection between toxins and Hashimoto's.

Learn why a toxin-free lifestyle is your key to optimal health.

Tune in now for practical steps and life-changing benefits with a renowned Functional Medicine Health Coach, Julie Michelson.

About The Guest:

Julie is an international speaker, a best-selling author, and a National Board Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach who specializes in working with clients who have autoimmunity. She combines her knowledge and her coaching skills to help her clients identify the areas of their lifestyles that are impacting their health and support them in making the lifestyle changes necessary to heal. Julie works remotely through her Inspired Living with Autoimmunity®️ and RA the Right Way®️ programs.
Julie runs workshops, online and in person, on health and wellness topics such as stress management, diet, sleep, energy, environmental detox, and exercise/movement. She combines her training in biohacking with a Functional Medicine approach. She covers all things anti-inflammatory.
Julie is also the co-founder of Navigate Wellness, an online health empowerment company that gives the public access to cutting-edge functional medicine testing and top-quality supplements, as well as programs to up-level your health.

LinkedIn: Julie Michelson
Instagram: Julie.Michelson
Facebook: Julie Michelson Coaching

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Dr. Anshul Gupta Md Is a Board-certified Family Medicine Physician, With Advanced Certification In Functional Medicine, Peptide Therapy, And Also Fellowship training in Integrative Medicine. He Has Worked At The Prestigious Cleveland Clinic Department Of Functional Medicine As Staff Physician Alongside Dr. Mark Hyman. He Believes In Empowering His Patients To Take Control Of Their Health And Partners With Them In Their Healing Journey.

He Now Specializes As A Thyroid Functional Medicine Doctor, And Help People Reverse Their Unresolved Symptoms Of Thyroid Dysfunction.