The Wyllie Process: Sacrifice and Struggle to Earn the Reward

The Red Diamond Report Podcast

19-01-2021 • 35分

Wilton sat down with Tony Wyllie, the president and managing director of the Special Olympics in North America.

Wyllie is tasked with enhancing and promoting the Special Olympics programs in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Before this latest move in his career, Wyllie spent many years in public relations and communications for the National Football League. He has worked with the Dallas Cowboys, the then St. Louis Rams, the Tennessee Titans, the Houston Texans and the Washington Football Team.

Each role, according to Wyllie, helped him for the position of where he is today and the ability to serve as mentor to many in the media and journalism field.

Sit back and get ready to listen as he discusses his childhood, working with the Dallas Cowboys as he described as the graduate school of PR from 1993-1994, the importance of building trust with NFL players and coaches, trusting his process, leaning on mentors, maintaining a balance of family life and more.