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A podcast for web designers. The show delves into how designers can take their superpower of design-thinking and apply it to their own business, so that they can create more flexibility, ease, impact or income - without the hustle mentality of “make six figures in six months”. In this series, I’m interviewing designers and digital strategists so that we can find out what’s worked for them. read less
Affiliate marketing with integrity with Christy Price
Affiliate marketing with integrity with Christy Price
Christy Price is a web designer and course creator, based in Texas. I wanted to talk to Christy about how she has grown the affiliate sales aspect of her business, in order to create a semi-passive income stream to supplement her earnings from 1:1 design work. Affiliate sales can sometimes be done in a pushy and off-putting style, but Christy’s approach is completely different from that: it’s based in integrity and an ethos of serving her clients’ and readers’ needs. Although she’s enjoyed developing the course creation and affiliate sales sides of her business, she has no plans to give up 1:1 work: “There’s just something to be said for being a part of someone’s story as their business grows, and I really love that one on one work and creating connections with small business owners and entrepreneurs” TIME STAMPS: 1:23 Christy’s journey to web design 2:39 Why she moved into courses and affiliate marketing 5:00 Growing your audience towards moving away from 1 to 1 work 7:52 Keeping 1 to 1 work as well 9:09 What prompted the move to affiliate marketing? 11:03 Christy’s guidelines for choosing affiliates 12:54 Creating a working day 14:27 Using group platforms to find clients 16:15 Finding ways to serve clients without relying on time=money 18:20 The best results of a diverse work range 19:52 Going against mainstream advice - Leaving her phD 21:50 Having a safety net 22:35 Christy’s current offering   Christy’s website -   This episode was produced by Emily Crosby Media.