149 Student Retention Process and Events Organization. Ft. Mestre Baz

The Capoeira Experience Podcast

05-02-2023 • 49分

Have you thought about how can you keep more people in your classes? It might be your registration process, or what you offer in return. During this episode, I talked to my brother Mestre Baz and mentioned some of the processes he uses to retain new students and some ideas that are working for him that are important to learn! Register today for Mestre Baz's event in Michigan, this winter, the event will be a very fun Angola-style based!! To register follow the link below: https://www.tmc4c.com/event-details/vai-pegar-fogo-michigans-winter-capoeira-festival FOLLOW ME: YOUTUBE INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK VISITS OUR CAPOEIRA CLASSES