The Piston Podcast

Daniel Achterhuis

The Piston Podcast is a motoring show presented by Daniel Achterhuis. In each episode, Daniel reviews a new car, discusses the latest car news, and occasionally is joined by an automotive-themed guest for a chat. It's not just piston-powered vehicles, though, electric cars are also celebrated. Oh, and sometimes even motorbikes. Daniel Achterhuis is a young motoring journalist, presenter of the 'Daniel Drives' YouTube channel, and presenter of The Piston Podcast. He aspires to become a professional motoring journalist in his later years. Prior to this podcast, Daniel presented a weekly radio show on RedShift Radio - this is where his enjoyment behind the microphone first began. Please consider subscribing to the show so you can be sure you never miss a future release. You can also follow Daniel Achterhuis on social media @DanielCars05. read less