BROKEN CATHOLIC – Practical Advice For Anti-Fragile Christians ™

Joseph Warren - Top 50 Podcast Host

★ #1 Apple Podcast for Protestants and Catholics! ★ Life is full of stressors, uncertainty, and risk. So is following Jesus. During hard times, 'soft Christians' curl up in fetal position and quit. But Anti-Fragile Christians get better. We thrive when exposed to shocks and pressure because we understand the SECRET: the hotter the fire, the stronger the steel. We benefit and grow in the worst of times, building durability and perseverance. If you find yourself grappling with the challenges of your spiritual path, experiencing a sense of disconnection, and seeking solace in your faith, this is the one show you've been waiting for. Prepare to be moved as you hear unfiltered stories from remarkable guests who have triumphed over formidable spiritual battles. In each episode of the Broken Catholic podcast, we invite individuals who have weathered the storms of addiction, anxiety, depression, and more to share their 'anti-fragile stories.' Brace yourself for practical guidance and wisdom that will empower you to fortify your faith and embrace a life of profound fulfillment. "Joseph Warren possesses a rare gift for forging deep connections with his audience, delivering content that resonates with the very depths of your soul. If you yearn to rekindle your spiritual flame and reestablish a profound connection with Jesus, then the Broken Catholic podcast is an absolute must-listen." Tune in now for spiritual rejuvenation with the Broken Catholic podcast. read less