E15 Nachi Junankar, CEO and Founder at Avrio AI

The Alldus Podcast - AI in Action

15-02-2019 • 20分

Today’s guest on the AI in Action podcast is Nachi Junankar, CEO and Founder at Avrio AI. Avrio AI are building an AI platform that uses machine intelligence to bring people and companies together through their Artificial Intelligence Talent Platform.

Avrio AI analyzes and matches data from your ATS using their proprietary Machine Learning algorithms and the AI chatbot “RIO” engages and screens candidates and applicants to eliminate one-third of a recruiter’s workload. This allows them to focus their time and effort on building stronger hiring manager, customer and candidate relationships.

In the episode, Nachi will tell you about:

  • His background and who are Avrio AI
  • Challenges he faced in setting up Avrio
  • The benefits Avrio can bring to customers
  • The impact he would like Avrio to make in recruitment
  • His opinions on where the future of Artificial Intelligence is heading