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The Human Side of Ai in Automotive BDC: Strolid's People Centric Approach
The Human Side of Ai in Automotive BDC: Strolid's People Centric Approach
Are you ready to discover the fascinating intersection of artificial intelligence and customer service in the automotive industry? Buckle up, because our special guest, Thomas Howe, CTO at Strolid, joins us on this enlightening episode.  We explore the impact of over-automation in customer service, shining a spotlight on the indispensable role of human empathy. We also delve into the roles of CRM and IVR systems, emphasizing the significance of clean data in effective business management. All the while, we caution against the potential pitfalls of an over-reliance on AI.In a world increasingly driven by automation, merging AI with human automotive BDC agents can dramatically enhance customer communication. Our experiences at Strolid are a testament to this, as AI has notably amplified our human automotive BDC agents' performance. We walk you through our process, underlining the importance of using scripts as flexible guidelines rather than rigid rules, and the need for well-trained agents. Remembering customer conversations is a crucial aspect we touch upon, underscoring AI's potential to capture interactions, enhancing customer relationships and personalization.We also discuss the revolutionizing role of AI in capturing customer data, especially in the automotive industry. We introduce vCon, our groundbreaking technology that offers a comprehensive view of customer interactions. Discussing how it aids in transcribing and summarizing customer calls, we delve into AI-based dialer CRM integration in the automotive industry – a key factor in improving efficiency and customer experience. Lastly, we tackle the hot topic of data security and the promising vCon standard that aims to tackle deep fakes and privacy concerns. So, tune in for a riveting conversation that marries AI, customer service, and the automotive industry into one cohesive narrative.