The Rich Black Doc Podcast

Claudie Pascal

We can (and honestly must) be rich in money and, more importantly, time in order to truly serve on our own terms, enjoy fulfilling lives, and create powerful legacies. But how do you navigate the fears, complicated details, and overwhelming circumstances that make creating additional income streams and becoming debt free seem risky or impractical?

This is why Claudie Pascal, a first-generation dentist, entrepreneur, and aspiring philanthropist created the Rich Black Doc Podcast. She is on the journey to financial freedom with her husband, an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery resident, and aims to highlight the mindset and strategies that will allow more Black doctors to join her so that they can collectively change even more lives and legacies starting with their own.

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Pursuing Multiple Entrepreneurial Passions w/Dr. Tatum Miles
Pursuing Multiple Entrepreneurial Passions w/Dr. Tatum Miles
If someone told you it was not realistic to thrive as an entrepreneur in more than one industry or that taking a break from your career to do so was crazy, Dr. Tatum's journey will prove otherwise! Tune in to hear how Dr. Tatum found the courage to pursue various passions outside of her career and create multiple streams of income instead of sticking to the traditional path taken by most.Dr. Tatum Miles is a first-generation general dentist born and raised on the west side of Detroit, MI. She discovered her passion for dentistry when she was only 9 years old; from that moment on she set plans in motion to make that dream come to reality. With natural-born hustle, family support, and most importantly God’s timing,  she earned her doctor of dental surgery degree in 2017.  Beyond dentistry, Dr. Miles had a knack for problem-solving and helping people in whatever capacity. Although dentistry was her first love, she realized that she had more to give in other realms. When the pandemic hit in 2020,  she began to explore life beyond teeth. She began her journey in serial entrepreneurship which changed her entire perspective on wealth, life, and true freedom. A new fire ignited and now she encourages other medical and non-medical professionals to create the life that they desire no matter what that looks like. It’s okay to pivot and redirect because people evolve and that is the joy of life!To connect with Dr. Tatum Miles:Personal: Milestat89@gmail.comBusiness: Drmiles@yourbrightersmile.comPersonal IG: @thepivotqueen Business IG: @Brightersmilepllc Website: www.yourbrightersmile.comLet's connect! InstagramFacebookYoutubewww.richblackdoc.comDownload the Rich Black Doc app for more! For iPhoneFor Android