The Bounce FM Vinyl Swap Shop 2

Bounce FM

11-05-2022 • 2時間 30分

This week I am back again with my new show format, ‘The Bounce FM Vinyl Swap Shop’, which of course made it’s debut the other week but I have brought it back for round 2 because I felt it was a good concept so I thought well why not do it again.

Without all of our fantastic listeners non of this would be possible and it wouldn’t be worthwhile if we didn’t have your support.

‘The Bounce FM Vinyl Swap Shop’ is all about you the listeners, this show is where you can recommend artists and songs that you love and that you want to share with the other listeners. With each episode of this format I will have a guest either in the studio or writing in recommending 10 songs and answering my questions. I will also have recommendations from one listener who has written in with their favourite songs and why they like them, which they would like to share.

This weeks guest who has written in to ‘The Bounce FM Vinyl Swap Shop’ is my good friend Sam Priest, who has recommended 10 cracking tracks. We also have another listener who has written in to ‘The Bounce FM Vinyl Swap Shop’ with their favourite songs is another one of our day one listeners, my good friend Darren Shepherd who has a really good taste in music and therefore has chosen some fantastic songs. Then near the end of the show I myself have some more songs that I would like to share with you all!