From $175 to Reshaping Minority Entrepreneurship Globally with Nancy Korsah

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28-11-2023 • 55分

Episode Summary

In this week's episode, I interview Nancy Korsah, founder of Black Business Enterprises and a powerhouse entrepreneur whose life story is a testament to resilience and determination. Nancy walks us through her life's journey, and believe me, the first time I heard it my mouth was agape (and yours probably will be, too!).

Nancy's journey begins with her roots in Italy born to Ghanaian parents. As a teenager, Nancy tells us how she arrived in Los Angeles with just $175 and embarked on her entrepreneurial path by cleaning houses, unaware of the fame of some of her clients, including Ozzy Osborne.

Her worldview expanded during her time as a flight attendant, where she mastered seven languages before settling in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was there that she observed wage disparities for people of color and took action. This led her to found Black Business Enterprises (BBE) in 2015, dedicated to empowering minority entrepreneurs globally by providing vital resources such as financial literacy, mentorship, and access to capital.

With a membership of over 72,000 in 32 countries, Nancy's mission with BBE is to impact a million lives through rigorous financial training and aims to raise $4 million for larger grants. Beyond BBE, Nancy is involved in multiple ventures, including owning a home care agency, conducting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training, mentoring entrepreneurs, and hosting popular podcasts and events like the Black Business Enterprises podcast and the Black Business Ball.

Join me as we delve into Nancy's remarkable journey, her unwavering dedication to empowering others, and her vision for a more equitable entrepreneurial landscape.

In this episode you’ll learn:

4:55 Being the only African family in Nancy's hometown

9:19 How food makes culture and Nancy's favorite African dish

12:10 Nancy's first impressions of the United States

15:44 Homeless in LA: Nancy's first business and $1M

23:05 From business owner to international flight attendant

23:08 International parties: Nancy's second business

32:51 From flight attendant to banking

35:39 The catalyst to why Nancy started Black Business Enterprises (BBE)

39:27 Nancy's favorite BBE success story

44:22 How Black businesses are severely underestimated

47:59 What Nancy created that she'd always wish existed

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