E82 - Jaime Bott, Sequoia Capital

Open the Pod Bay Doors

29-04-2020 • 1時間 17分

Jaime Bott is a partner at Sequoia Capital, managing their Talent Advisory function. She leads a talent team of 14 who help Sequoia's portfolio companies hire amazing talent, assemble a recruiting function, and build a board. Since Jaime started at Sequoia in 2010, talent evolved into an essential function for VC firms. 10 years ago there were less than 5 people in the Bay Area working for venture firms in a talent function; now there are at least 280 venture talent partners around the world.

In this episode, Jaime shares her expansive startup talent expertise, touching on important topics like:

  • How to create and run functional boards
  • Driving diversity with recruitment
  • Common recruitment mistakes
  • How to build an in-house recruitment function
  • Tools, systems, and software for working in talent

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