EP25 Eco Building w/Critta, Marty and Wombat

Treading Lightly Podcast

08-10-2020 • 1時間 36分

In today's episode, we have three local legends who are hugely passionate about conservation and sustainability in the building industry.

First off we have legend Wombat which you may know from The Block and who originally went into the show with a desire to show people how we can have a more eco-friendly approach to building and continues to spread the same message in all his endeavors.

Marty Drysdale has been building his whole life and shares his experience with recycling materials and what is possible.

And lastly, we have Critta Chris Hayward from New View Building back on the show who has an ever-growing passion for coming up with new ideas to reduce waste and less of a footprint on building sites

It is awesome to open up this discussion in what can feel like an overwhelming issue in an industry such as the building game and we need more of these guys who care less about competition and pure profits and more about collaboration in building a better world.



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