EP36 Salvaged timber sculptures w/Kimberly Part 1

Treading Lightly Podcast

17-06-2022 • 45分

In today's episode, we have a fantastic young artist Kimberly Klau.

Kimberly is a local artist based down Termeil who has an extraordinary ability to turn salvaged, rescued, and recycled pieces of timber from spaces like old logging areas and turn them into inspiring pieces of art. She not only creates beautiful pieces of art but also has a unique ability to also create functional pieces like a timber sculpture sink and also caters to custom orders.

So great to have her on to hear her story and her enthusiasm for what she does is inspiring.

Follow Kimberly on her socials and support her work. Check out her showroom and shop down in Termeil. 16 Bawley Point Road, Termeil, NSW, 2539

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