EP30 Johnny from Budawang Earthcare

Treading Lightly Podcast

28-06-2021 • 1時間 13分

Johnny is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to permaculture and regeneration and we're lucky to have this man's influence in our community!

He has been the head of the Greenhouse park project based at the industrial area in Port Kembla NSW, to restore the old industrial wasteland and has demonstrated that the land can be healed and proved this by creating a healthy food forest in a once wasteland dumpsite.

His project/family home is the Budawang permaculture project and is being used as a work in progress example of how adopting arrangements observed in flourishing natural ecosystems can lead to better land management, more nutrient-dense crops, and actually create higher yields. All creating a deeper understanding and connection to land, ecosystem, and Earth!

He also shared his life experience of the year that was 2020. First, with the fires threatening his property, Covid, and then a serious surf accident thrown into the mix, it was a big test for Johnny and his family and shows the resilience, determination, and mental fortitude of this man when up against the odds of life.

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