EP26 The Milton Ulladulla Small School

Treading Lightly Podcast

02-11-2020 • 1時間 14分

School. Who can say they enjoyed every moment of it?

I don’t know man kids who are thrilled to be going to school. What is it that makes it such a drag and does it have to be that way?

In an ever-changing world and with an unprecedented challenge that school age kids and parents alike have to deal with these days with social media and other technology, maybe there’s a different way of educating our youth that’s worth exploring?

In this episode, we have local practitioners Peter Anderson, a chiropractor, and his wife Wan Yi Ng a GP, come on to talk about the ambitious project they’ve embarked on. They’re in the process of developing the Milton Ulladulla Small School, a small community-based school right here in our area. It's an alternative to the mainstream primary school education system along the lines of Montessori or green schools but it won't be under any particular one umbrella.

I find it fascinating that these two academics who have obviously spent many years in the education system believe that there is a better way we can be teaching our youth,  but also inspiring that they're backing themselves so much in what they believe in to offer this alternative school to our community.

If you would like to show your support or express your interest, please reach out to Peter and Wan Yi. All details below.

And here’s some links to other similar schools that were mentioned in the chat!

School of Total Education (SOTE): www.sote.qld.edu.au

The Small School: www.thesmallschool.org.au

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