EP31 Gini Eagle author of Awaken

Treading Lightly Podcast

09-08-2021 • 1時間 13分

It took 3 months to release this episode!

We originally recorded this episode way back in June and since then I've been in a little bit of "filling my own cup" mode, spending extra time with the kids, getting into nature, and slowly digesting what's going down in the world...which is a good reminder to all to monitor where your energy going and focus on keeping your VIBES UP!

But after having another listen, it has so many gems of wisdom appropriate for the times we find ourselves in!

Gini is a qualified Reiki Master, social worker, yoga, and meditation teacher with more than 20 years of experience and came on to share her story and journey of awakening.

We also discussed her book  ‘Awaken – A Simple Guidebook to Empowerment’  which includes the tools and techniques she discovered on her journey and how she was called to write the book and share her and others' stories, to help those on the journey to empowerment.

She facilitates courses based on her book, as well as unique nature-based reiki courses and personal empowerment programs.

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