EP37 Logging in Brooman State Forest

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05-07-2022 • 46分

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Do you know there is logging happening in our Brooman State Forest?

Most people are completely unaware of what's happening to our forests, that existing logging cannot continue, and that post fire logging presents a risk of "serious or irreversible harm" to native forests.

We had a great panel of guest speakers to discuss the issue from their experiences and point of view.

Takesa Frank is a NSW Young Greens SDC Coordinator and Indigenous Officer and UOW Young Greens President. She is a young go-getter that has devoted so much of herself to this cause.

Rhian Macpherson is a local of the area whose property is right next to the devastation that is occurring and is the eyes on the ground.

Last but not least we had Independent NSW MPJustin Field who has worked hard to gain support from the government officials to halt logging and shared a lot of hard facts.

"Our forests are being destroyed for what; firewood; woodchips; to be shipped overseas. The same forest that was devastatingly burnt in the 2019/2020 summer fires where iconic species like the koala, swift parrot, and greater glider are being pushed towards extinction."- Takesa Frank

Our hope is that more local awareness around the issue will create more pressure on the government to actually act and listen to the will of the people so please help spread the message by sharing this episode with your friends and family.

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