Dr. Huckaby: Disease and Disorder Prevention | Ben Stewart Podcast #25

Ben Stewart Podcast

22-10-2021 • 1時間 21分

(Health Series)

Dr. Cassie Huckaby is founder of “Grit Natural Medicine”. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Chemistry from Texas Tech University, attended medical school at Bastyr University, where she obtained her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.

During this time, she healed from multiple autoimmune conditions, vaccine injury and mold illness through drastically changing and reconstructing her lifestyle, and utilizing and living the medicine I was studying.

She feels her primary role as a doctor is leading and educating patients on how to not only prevent disease and disorder, but also to regain their health so that they can live their best life. Helping each individual obtain optimal health so that they are able to live out their purpose and enjoy life to the fullest without relying on any medication, supplement or practitioner.


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