The PodTASC: Promoting Healthy Communities Through Innovative Treatments Within Texas Specialty Court Programs

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This is the official podcast presented by the Texas Association of Specialty Courts where we talk all things related to Texas specialty court programs. Episodes feature guest speakers with various specialty court experiences. We go deep on backgrounds and many characteristics on what it takes to operate a successful specialty court in Texas. The Texas Association of Specialty Court Courts (TASC) builds and strengthens Texas specialty courts through collaboration, advocacy and education. TASC was founded to: (1) Increase local and statewide political, media and community awareness of the existence and success of drug courts; (2) Support legislation authorizing funding for the operation of drug courts; and (3) Provide support for jurisdictions wanting to establish drug courts. The PodTASC is currently hosted by Liz Wiggins, the Communications Director on the TASC Board. read less


6. Things You Should Know When You Create a Texas Specialty Court
6. Things You Should Know When You Create a Texas Specialty Court
Liz is back on The PodTASC to discuss the things you should know when creating a new program in Texas. Guest speakers are Erin Morgan, the current TASC Board President, and Amber Gregory, TASC Executive Director and Program Manager for the Specialty Court Resource Center.  If you've been thinking about starting a treatment program in a court near you, this is the episode to listen to. Even if you already have a program, there are tips in this episode that can help you.  As promised, find links and information below about what was discussed in the show:  Contact the show with comments or questions by emailing TASC is hosting its annual training conference on March 26-28, 2024, in Fort Worth. Registration opened January 5th. Learn more: Learn more about the Texas Association of Specialty Courts (TASC) at Learn more about the Specialty Court Resource Center: Learn more about SAHMSA Grants: Learn more about the Office of Court Administration: Learn more about Criminal Justice Division funding: more about the Bureau of Justice Assistance funding: more about the NPC Research Best Assessment: