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Doja Cat and powered by Amazon Music選曲

The Scarlet Tour Playlist

Doja Cat and powered by Amazon Music選曲

Re-live The Scarlet Tour with this playlist curated by Doja Cat, as heard inside the venues on tour.

58曲 • 3時間33分

1Pull Up the People2Slide3Hot Thing (feat. Alone6The Bean Kicked In7SANTANNY8My Potna Dem9Try Me10Well Done11fantasize12Void13What You Need14Houstatlantavegas15Paint The Town Red16Weeeeee17Rock18Famous19pink panties20FEET!21Stay (Just a Little Bit Longer)22Fine Night23Officer24The Fortress (The Blood Inside...)25Points of Authority / 99 Problems / One Step Closer26Luchini - Thisi is It27シー・ウォンツ・トゥ・ムーブ (アルバム・ヴァージョン)28ホット・アンド・ファン feat. ネリー・ファータド [feat. ネリー・ファータド]29CULO FEAT. LIL JON30Pretty Rave Girl31マタンギ32Pop The Glock33Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwwdinz34Step Back35To My White Boy Princess... ...36Where's My Juul??37ボーイズ38Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops39Throw It40ゼア・シー・ゴーズ41Iris42Me So Horny43Flat Beat44A Girl IS a GUN45TBTF46スロウ・ダンス47WOULD YOU MIND48テインティッド [feat. ドゥウェレ]49Couple Bars (Honey, Sugar, Darling, Sweetie, Baby, Boo)50Fall In Love51メイク・ユー・フィール・ザット・ウェイ52Roller Skates53Key to Love (Is Understanding) feat. Jonah Yano54So Good at Being in Trouble55F**k The System (**** The System)56恋はワイルド・シング57Lying Has To Stop58LONELY NIGHTS IN NY