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Prime Video選曲

Everybody Loves Diamonds: Playlist

Prime Video選曲

Tutta la musica dalla Serie Originale Prime Video, Everybody Loves Diamonds.

24曲 • 1時間42分

1Prisencolinensinainciusol (Remastered)2ホーンパイプ3Filthy/Gorgeous4Wise Enough5Unsquare Dance6ピーター・ガン~マックス・セドグレイ・リミックス740 Day Dream8Ring My Bell9Mine10Way Up In The Sky11Klan12Shabadabada (From "Le belle famiglie")13Fuck the Pain Away14L'appuntamento15Champagne16About Today17Daydream In Blue18Dyulmano, dyulbero19Amore... aiuto20Midnight, The Stars And You21Lisa dagli occhi blu22Smoke and Mirrors23Che cossè l'amor (2018 Remaster)24恋のめまい