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Amazon's Music Experts選曲


Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Get lost in the light, and sometimes heavy tracks from the Canadian sad hunk.

36曲 • 2時間18分

1All The Time2Lost In The Light3Half Your Love4Already Yours (Album Version)5Somebody Just Like Me6No Expectations7Caught Me Thinkin8Modern Man [feat. Madison Cunningham]9Trick To Happy10Way With Words11Stronger Than That12Can't Complain13Second Time Around14All I've Ever Known15All of This Time16Everything To Everyone17Southern Drawl (Album Version)18Any Man of Mine19All Time Favorite20Up With The Jones21No Wrong22Montreal23Turn Back Time24Wisdom Of The World25Waves26Show Me Naomi27愛の残り火 [feat. ザ・ウェザー・ステーション]28Whole Wide World29Hockey Teeth30I Skipped A Stone31Working On My Guitar32Sunshine Blues33Louisiana 1927 [feat. Madison Cunningham]34Let The Good Times Roll (Album Version)35Own Alone36My Love