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Amazon's Music Experts選曲

The Cool Color

Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Every shade of modern Blues.

58曲 • 4時間2分

1Deathwish2Deep Stays Down3Rescue Me4Duck N’ Dodge5Made Up Mind6Remember The Time7My Stomping Ground8Heaven Help Me9I Want My Crown10Ain't Just Luck11Open Road12Two Bit Texas Town13On Broadway14The Heart That Never Waits15Know It All16Bad Lieutenant (Live at Lee's)17Always Free18Last Kind Words Blues19Got Me Good20Good To Be (Home Again)21Give Me Back My Wig (Live)22Cheats and Liars23Diamond Studded Shoes24Notches (Live)25Yesterday I Was In Your Arms26Three Time Loser27Long Haul28Blood on the Tracks29Faster30She Calls Me Kingfish31Take It Back32Love Raining Down33Leave This House34Hurricane Girl35How to Love36You Was Born To Die (feat. Kyshona Armstrong, Margo Price & Jason Isbell)37A Bluesman Came To Town38Bad Spell39Black Myself (Moby Remix)40Paradise41Crawling Kingsnake42Devil’s Grin (Acoustic) [Amazon Original]43Blow44Dear America45Click Click Domino (feat. Marcus King)46For The Love Of A Man47Miss Information48All That You Dream49As Cool As You Try50Somewhere (Single)51When Love Is Blind52ビューティフル・ストレンジャー53Space And Time54Over You55Last One To Know56Goodbye Carolina57Northeast58Outside Of This Town