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Amazon's Music Experts選曲


Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Known for his melodic stories of trial & triumph, here are our favorite tracks from Rod Wave.

36曲 • 1時間52分

1Boyz Don't Cry - Acoustic (Amazon Music Presents)2Rags2Riches 23Better Than Ever4Fight The Feeling5Tombstone6Alone7Boyz Don't Cry8Abandoned9Heart On Ice10Girl Of My Dreams11Come See Me12Cold December13Green Light14Checkmate15Paint The Sky Red16Poison17The Greatest18Got It Right19Street Runner20Sweet Little Lies21Love Overdose22Home Ain't Home (feat. Rod Wave)23Sky Priority24Heart 4 Sale25SoulFly26Letter From Houston27Turks & Caicos28Rich Off Pain29Feel The Same Way30Jupiter's Diary31Call Your Friends32Forever33Tomorrow34Dark Clouds35By Your Side36Richer