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Amazon's Music Experts選曲


Amazon's Music Experts選曲

It's Mac, baby.

36曲 • 1時間50分

1Heart To Heart2Chamber Of Reflection3My Kind of Woman4For the First Time5Rock and Roll Night Club620200819 She Get The Gold Star7Still Together8Let Her Go9Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans10On the Level11Freaking Out the Neighborhood12A Heart Like Hers13Dreaming1420200817 Proud True Toyota15Gualala 216Salad Days17Watching Him Fade Away18Another One19Vancouver 220European Vegas2120191009 I Like Her22No Other Heart23Ode to Viceroy24Rockaway25Only You2620191010 No Doubt About It27The Stars Keep On Calling My Name28Treat Her Better29Me and Mine30Moonlight on the River31Go Easy32One More Tear To Cry33I've Been Waiting for Her3420200821 Cowboy Shit35Sister36Honey Moon