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Prime Video選曲

Swarm: Official Playlist

Prime Video選曲

Music featured in the Amazon Original Series, Swarm. Streaming now on Prime Video.

31曲 • 1時間45分

1Something Like That2Agatha3Big World4Adventure5Hahaha6Sticky7The Search8Bacc Street Boys9バック・ザット・アズ・アップ [feat. リル・ウェイン & マニー・フレッシュ]10Play With It (Jubilee Remix)11テイスト・オブ・ハニー12Studio [feat. BJ・ザ・シカゴ・キッド]13This Woman's Work (Remastered 2021)14Girls @ (feat. Chance the Rapper)15The High Road16May 2117Magic18Home Movies19Water Me Down20Snakes Crawl (East Village Mix)21All I Ever Wanted22Caint Use My Phone (Suite)23ノウ24Fwm (Lie to Me)25The Disciple (Koloah Remix)26Normal Girl27The Very End28For the Love of You29Hello Everyone30Stand Up and Shout About Love31Portals