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REDISCOVER Sam Roberts Band

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A sound that was born in a flame, with grooves keeping us in this together for 20+ years.

29曲 • 2時間38分

1We're All in This Together2Bridge To Nowhere (Album Version)3Brother Down4Projection5Don't Walk Away Eileen6Ascension7Where Have All The Good People Gone?8Climb Over Me9Picture Of Love10Broken Teeth11Afterlife12FIEND13The Canadian Dream14If You Want It15With A Bullet (Album Version)16Shapeshifters17The Ballad Of Ben Blank18Uprising Down Under (Album Version)19Take Me Away20Taj Mahal21Youth22No Sleep23The Gate (Edit)24Human Heat25Golden Hour26Spirit in the Sky27Never Enough28Chasing the Light (Alternate Version)29I Like the Way You Talk About the Future